The Hollywood Puzzle


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Discover the PIAB puzzle with more than 70 references from 100 different Hollywood films.

Was Passertlich in Hollywood, wenn die Lichter am Filmset ausgehen? Laut dem talentedierten Designer Studio Chapo (Simon Willems) lautet de Antwort auf diese Frage: PURE INSANE!!! 🤯 More than 100 films in one mixer were recruited in the past PIAB Puzzle.

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  • 1,000 Pieces
  • Dimensions: 683x480 mm
  • Zahlreiche Verweise auf Hollywoods berühmteste Filme
  • Mehrwegbeutel as gift packaging
  • Zeitung mit Zusatzinformationen
  • More mysterious surroundings

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  • 1000 pieces

    680 x 440mm


    The Internet puzzle

    Design by Musketon

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  • 1000 pieces

    683 x 480mm


    Prison Escape


    An interactive puzzle where you escape from prison. Can you help Killer Kim with this?

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    Animals vs Humans

    Simon Bruneel

    Animals and people switching roles - can you find them all?


Frequently Asked Questions

What if a puzzle piece is missing?

The dog away? Did the vacuum cleaner do its job too well? No problem! We will ensure that you have a complete puzzle again. Send an email to with a photo of the missing puzzle piece and we will send it to you as soon as possible!

Where are your puzzles made?

Our puzzles are made by a manufacturer in the Netherlands and we are located in Ghent, Belgium. After the production of the puzzles, the rest of the package is put together by a custom company called Mirto, which is also based in Ghent. We are now looking to the future to be able to produce just a little closer to home.

How long do I wait for my package after ordering?

Once you have ordered, the puzzle leaves immediately. Only sometimes, like everyone else, we have to wait a bit for the mail. So please count on patience for 1 to 2 working days!

Why is the puzzle in a bag?

Why a bag, you ask? Simple, we wanted to reinvent the classic puzzle. We have done this partly with the contents of the puzzle itself, but also with the packaging. We replaced the old box with a young, trendy bag with a nice design.

Is there an example with the puzzle?

Naturally! But if you want to make it difficult, you can just ignore it.