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You have put the whole puzzle together and now of course you want to find out what is behind all the allusions in the puzzle. We have explained them all in the picture below. Click on the plus sign to open the respective info text. Click on the X at the top left to close the text again.

Cord The cord symbolizes the limitations we have all experienced during our quarantines. Sewer plate The manhole cover symbolises the somewhat incognito feeling everyone had when rushing out the bins after midnight. Trump's final year 2020, the last year of Donald Trump's presidency in the United States. Fake News In 2020, there was a lot of talk about fake news. Here is an example: video. Self-tanner The most popular meme about Trump? His orange skin, of course. Cryptocurrency 2020 was the year of the cryptocurrency boom. Find out more about it ici . Trump voters Trump's supporters were firmly convinced of his re-election in 2020. Find out why article. The Trump circus It will have escaped no one: in 2020, the circus around Donald Trump sometimes exceeded the limits of understanding. Hence this circus tent! The free fall of finance In the first few weeks of the coronavirus crisis, all stock markets plunged at lightning speed. A bit like a rollercoaster, then. Closed ticket booth Ha! everyone knows what it is: who managed to have a social life in 2020? Australia in flames You may have already forgotten, but in January 2020, Australia was engulfed in flames. Find out more about it ici . Koalas and kangaroos During the many forest fires in Australia, many indigenous animals lost their lives. They too deserve a place in our puzzle. Find out more about their fate in these articles : RTBF RTBF The Earth is closed today Not only did Lyft shut down because of the coronavirus crisis, but virtually everything came to a halt during the first few weeks of containment. The vaccine Ferris wheel We have all hoped that our lives could be restarted quickly with 1 or 2 injections. Like a wheel that starts again... AMAZAN 2020, the year of online shopping and parcel delivery. Amazon has done a golden business, a success immortalised in our puzzle. The Nurse's Thrones The frontline soldiers of this crisis were our nurses. They deserve a throne for their hard work. We all applauded them together every Friday to thank them! RTBF Drones In 2020, the first European legislation on the use of drones was passed. fnac Toilet paper hostage Did you also have 50 rolls of toilet paper that you couldn't get through? Suddenly, everyone is under the spell of this new white gold. So our illustrations are dotted with toilet paper rolls. Throne and toilet paper mountain The must-have item of 2020 ! 'HULA-HOOP' Keeping 1.5 metres apart isn't always that easy. Some people have found a great way to do it. SPACE X With his company Space X, Elon Musk has made more than 26 launches into space in 2020.Article TESLA TESLA is the most famous electric car. Elon Musk, its founder, has sent his personal Tesla into space! Find out moreici. Hysterical woman Wearing a mask? It seemed absurd at first. Many people wanted to avoid it or forgot to take it with them when they went out. Here, the man refuses the woman entry because she is not wearing a mask, but unfortunately she does not react so well... INTRUS Many amusement parks have had to close their doors because of this little intruder: the coronavirus. BREXIT It is almost forgotten, but on 1 February 2020, the UK left the European Union. Flying viruses Much of the spread of the coronavirus has been by travellers, across borders. The bat A bat? The beginning of the corona of course! Article? Stand de Puzzle in a Bag Any good news in 2020? Ah, the creation of Puzzle in a Bag of course! China As everyone knows, the coronavirus started in China. Biological warfare For a moment, everyone thought that the Chinese government was waging biological warfare, spreading the coronavirus on purpose. Mask pollution The inconvenience of the coronavirus crisis can be counted in the thousands. But there is one that is often overlooked: the mountain of waste caused by the many disposable masks. The infirmary We couldn't forget to put a hospital on the 2020 puzzle. Health care staff were present on a daily basis to deal with the coronavirus crisis. The Corona Cup Hairdressers were often closed this year. The most amusing homemade hairstyles appeared or records were broken for length. Aliens This year was so insane that even aliens came and stole our toilet paper. You also sometimes had to travel miles to find toilet paper? The Boredom Map Fatigue, isolation, boredom ... Some words that were used more than others in 2020. Fatigue was a very obvious symptom of the coronavirus but over time it was the confinements that started to tire everyone. Lockdown party Lockdowns have unfortunately also seen many lockdown parties flourish. We're heading for a financial freefall At first, the coronavirus led to a heavy financial fall. Like a roller coaster going up and down. The stability had gone. The koala's obstacle course The koalas had a hell of a time in 2020. It wasn't easy for them before, but this particular year has been downright traumatic for these poor beasts. Fortunately, help has been forthcoming and attempts are being made to expand koala populations. Find out more here. Disposable and discarded masks Very important! It is advisable to systematically cut the elastics of your masks before throwing them away so that the animals do not get stuck in them. With this simple gesture, you also save lives! Article The Analog Mode Game First containment has often rhymed with boredom. This is how board games and cards became very popular. Virologists Virologists trying to keep the virus as much on a leash as possible. Trying to keep the virus in check is what their job is all about. Virus on fire The coronavirus may well perish in the flames of hell! Balloon stand A tip if you have to go through a lockdown again: is it your friend's birthday? Surprise them during the lockdown by sending them a balloon! You'd love to get one too, wouldn't you? Hazmat suit Those yellow suits, we saw them more and more. They were worn by all the carers to protect themselves as best they could from the nasty virus. Fake News: corona edition Trump does not have a monopoly on the talent to spread fake news. The internet is also very good at it in general! You'll find here some tips for spotting them from afar! Corona is watching you The virus keeps a close eye on the nurse and at the right moment, it launches an attack for a new wave.. Asymptomatic The virus incognito. Many people can be infected without knowing it themselves Hide and seek with the virus The endless search for the virus by health workers. It is not always easy to find or defeat it.. Catch me if you can. Here we see a carer doing everything he can to catch this virus. A mad chase with a syringe. Vaccination, vaccination! Emissions CO2 emissions are not just a feature of the year 2020, they demand more and more of our attention, year after year! Global warming is a fact. Here are some tips on how you can make a difference : article The white thread Toilet paper as the white thread of this coronavirus era. Or is it a red thread? All together! We had to stick together in these difficult times, and preferably stick together from a distance. Not easy! A distance that is still appropriate for the time being! Amazon parcel Another Amazon parcel? So many parcels bought online that even the post office couldn't keep up! Journey in a tree trunk The coronavirus, a tree that hides the forest? Such a small virus almost as insignificant as a plastic duck! Ready for the big run? People were still happy and ignorant at the beginning of the crisis. They had no idea what was in store for them. Vaccine A symbol of hope: eliminating the virus with a vaccine! The case is in the bag at the PIAB stand The only real 'Puzzle in a Bag' was created in 2020 and won the Starter of the Year 2020 award in the process! Propagation The many illegal lockdown parties have led to the spread of the virus, but also to the spread of scandals. Here is just one of them: article Takeaway tonight? You don't always feel like cooking in the evening but you can't go to a restaurant. Takeaway sounds like a relief ! Hide and seek: part 2 Whether in lockdown parties or during curfew, even the most reckless hid in any way, no matter how crazy. Check out their tricks here But beware: you might also get caught for wild dumping! Stay at home! The golden rule to remember: stay home if you feel ill! Mask Mask required! Bubbles? Social life is on pause: creating bubbles! Online shopping The boom in online trade during the coronavirus crisis. Anyone who does not follow the trend will feel it. Package delivered! With the physical shops closed, all that was left was online commerce with its thousands of packages. Hammer The coronavirus has hit us in our reality, like a hammer! Empty tables Empty tables are the sad sight on the menu of this pandemic in restaurants and cafés. And of course they have been closed for the longest time, because they are excellent places for our social life. The party Celebrating? A normal need. But in times of pandemic, you have to reinvent yourself. Article Tickets Still had tickets for a festival or concert? No chance! It will be next year or maybe even the year after ... Cancelled A "social life"? What does that mean? We hardly know what it is anymore... Empty posters The panel is completely empty. At the first containment, there were absolutely no events. Plug-in cars Charging stations are springing up on the streets to ride the electric wave in the automotive world. The wall 4 walls. The only thing you see when you are in quarantine. Enjoy your meal! It was thought that the coronavirus could be transmitted through food. Read more information ici. Two kinds of people There are people who are cautious and others who are not afraid of the virus at all. Lost package On more than one occasion, a parcel has not arrived correctly due to the large number of orders. A short walk ? Since the coronavirus crisis, people are enjoying nature much more. Even though at the beginning, people had to stay at home. Handmade masks At the beginning of the crisis, there was a severe lack of masks. People started making their own masks to help the caregivers who really needed them. Gas mask Some people are so scared of the virus that a simple mask is not enough. You said mask ? The many ways to wear the mask. But not the best ways, unfortunately... Hula-hoop Not only is it a wacky way to keep your distance, but it's so good for your condition! Let's go! The coronavirus leaves us with no 50 choices, so let's all get active! Fortunately, it's fun and above all healthy. Exhausted nurse Fatigue is not only a symptom of the coronavirus but also of hardworking carers! Here the nurse takes a little rest on her well-deserved throne. The nurse with the syringe La campagne de vaccination qui nous a redonné l'espoir d'un été meilleur ! Empty car park Containment and teleworking ... Enough to empty the streets and car parks at the beginning of the crisis. Direction of traffic This way! An unexpected way to shop: arrows on the ground, a direction of travel for pedestrians and closed streets. article 2020 Everyone had a lot of plans at the beginning of the year. 2020 will be my year ... OR NOT. All ambitions had to be lowered. Hand gel Can you imagine a world without gel? We can't! GSM A mobile phone, a laptop... The only way we can see our family and friends. What would we have done without this precious technology? Ocean pollution Masks everywhere! They are found not only in the streets but also in the oceans. A real pollution! article A question of escape Gradually, the news began to circulate: a containment is in sight. The leak caused panic and prompted people to stock up en masse. Because of this extreme behaviour, some people could not even buy pasta or toilet paper anymore. Article Shelter To break the boredom, pet adoptions increased dramatically, leading to an unprecedented repopulation of animal shelters. It was even necessary to introduce a limit on adoptions to protect animals from impulsive decisions. Empty tents All the tents are empty and the summer of 2020 has been marked by a glaring absence: the festival tents Hidden virus Is it a virus or a bush? The nurse has to look twice... This virus is definitely not easy ! Smoke from campfires After weeks of deprivation, we were finally able to get together. Of course, outside. And why not a nice campfire ... and while we're at it, with marshmallows! Queues With the fear and panic at the beginning of the crisis, the supermarkets were packed. Hours of queuing, all for the sake of shopping. Hangover? This is clearly an excess due to the second most purchased good in 2020. Alcohol of course! Nausea In some cases, the coronavirus can cause severe nausea and abdominal pain. Fortunately, this is a less frequent symptom! Alien invasion Conspiracy theories have abounded about the virus, but we all know that aliens are entirely to blame... USA The other unavoidable event of 2020: the American elections. Trump had to give up his seat to Biden, not without some difficulties ... Abandoned boxes Parcels everywhere. Due to the high demand, many parcels were slow to arrive.
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The "2020" puzzle

2020 was a totally crazy year. That's why we created a fair in puzzle form - with over 100 allusions to the year 2020.

Lars Dombrcht

Designer: Lars Dombrecht

He lives in Aalter, Belgium. At 26, he is a young talent full of fresh ideas. The "2020" puzzle was his first major design project.

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Netherlands Netherlands

Gaaf design, zak kan beter

Gaaf design van 2020. The puzzle says it all! Super goed idee van de zak! Minder plek in de volle spelletjes kast en klein pakketje zo. Puzzelen vanuit een doos is wel prettig, maar ik pak er gewoon een andere doos bij, spelletjes en dus dozen genoeg. Andere puzzels hebben wel een stevigere zak, ik ben bang dat deze naar een paar keer verplaatsen kapot scheurt.


Leuke puzzel voor tijdens de lockdown

Ik heb heel veel plezier gehad tijdens het leggen van deze puzzel, zo origineel met al die referenties naar 2020. Gaat ook heel leuk worden om deze over een paar jaar weer eens opnieuw te doen! Kleine minpuntjes: de kwaliteit was wat minder, een beetje dunner/kartonnig dan de puzzels die ik normaal heb. De verpakking zag er leuk uit, maar is niet herbruikbaar. De zak was bij aankomst al iets beschadigd en de plakstrip is zo sterk, dat de zak bij openen nog verder is gescheurd. Ik heb er dus wel speciaal een doos voor moeten kopen. Hoewel ik de puzzel zelf heel leuk vind, zou ik daarom toch niet snel de andere puzzels kopen.


Puzzle in a bag

Hoi Milca! Dankjewel voor je review over onze 2020 puzzel. We hebben jou luid en duidelijk gehoord en hebben dus ook onze zakken geüpdated. Zouden wij jou kunnen plezieren met zo'n nieuwe zak? AL onze volgende puzzels zitten in zo'n nieuwe zak, zodat je dit probleem zeker niet meer zal hebben. Ook ons karton is sinds de Hollywood puzzel volledig vernieuwd! Groetjes, Het PIAB-team

Axel D.
Belgium Belgium

De puzzel heruitgevonden.

Een puzzel hoort in een doos? Neen, niet dus. Bizar hoe een zak toch je hele ervaring kan veranderen. Op zich blijft de puzzel ervaring zelf hetzelfde. Alleen is dit leuke ontwerp samen met de vele referenties naar het oh, zo bizarre 2020 ge-wel-dig. Op de foto zelf kan je al enkele grote items herkennen. Tijdens het puzzelen moet je soms lachen om de kleine hints die erin zitten rond 2020. Het is geen al te moeilijke puzzel van 1000 stukjes. Dit zorgt ervoor dat het puzzelen plezierig blijft.

Veerle V.


prima bezorging mooie puzzels en goede website

Belgium Belgium

Bon qualité prix

Les puzzles commandés sont arrivés rapidement, ils étaient bien emballés et de bonne facture !