You have completed the puzzle and are now looking for all the references. On the image below you will find them all: click on the plus icons to read a reference. You can close them again using the x-icon in the top left corner.

Online hackers Everyone knows about the notorious online hackers who suddenly take control of your account with weird links and messages. Be very careful! insert money Do you also sometimes get crazy emails from a Nigerian prince asking you to pay him money in exchange for gold or oil? Find out how James Veitch handles this kind of situation . Fake news The Internet is known for spreading lots of false information, or fake news, and other rumours. A phenomenon that can sometimes prove dangerous. SHOP Almost everything is bought online today and ads are everywhere to remind you. BUY NOW! There is no more dangerous place than the internet to put items you absolutely do not need in your shopping cart. "Our customers have also bought..." and it's off to temptation. Google taxi With Google Taxi, get to the place, well the page, of your choice as fast as you want. the Internet With all the platforms out there, the internet is an easy way to keep in touch and maintain relationships with others. Piramide Scheme fraudsters use the money paid by new recruits to pay previous investors. At some point, these schemes get so big that the developer doesn't get enough money and that's when the scandal breaks. Read more about this here BUY BUY BUY Aaah, all those online ads urging people to buy, it's driving me crazy! No, I don't need a new hoover! Tinder The online dating app. Today, we swipe, we don't flirt anymore. Where is Charlie? Have you seen Charlie? Get rich quick Pop-up notifications that promise to make you rich quick. Don't be fooled! ! TRUMP In January 2021, former President Trump was permanently blocked on Twitter. Article La Libre Woman in your area Online ads for dating beautiful women in your neighbourhood. Great, isn't it? New friendships guaranteed! $$$ A lot of money can be made on the internet. Some people become millionaires there through investments like cryptocurrency, stocks or just a really good business plan. Who knows, maybe it will be your turn soon! I'm not a cat! This lawyer unfortunately did not manage to remove his filter on Zoom . Amazon boxes These Amazon packages refer to the development of e-commerce in this period. And this is just the beginning of online shopping! 5G Some people have rebelled against 5G antennas. And then what? article RTBF Drone "The new way to get your parcels delivered? By drone! Amazon is working on it activement. Linux Linux is a kind of Windows, an operating system, with the only difference that no consumer uses it. It is however a very popular system, but mainly for large electronic devices, computers and most smartphones. Teleport to paradise The internet is the easiest and fastest way to get a good deal, like booking a trip to Hawaii for 700 euros all-inclusive! A quick trip to Zalando to find the right outfit and you're done! Teleportation The Internet is a bit like a teleportation booth and you find yourself on the other side of the world before you know it. Except that here, you land on a different site. Catfishing Oops... it is of course catfishing and not catphishing... A catfish is someone who creates one or more false identities online to trick or deceive others. The meaning of catfish comes from the American documentary "Catfish". Phishing also refers to an internet scam. In this case, someone pretends to be an institution in order to obtain personal data by e-mail! So be careful with both and don't fall into the trap. BUY STOCKS Investing online has never been easier. Stock market, crypto-currencies or even NFTs: in 2021, this is the general trend! Here's a beginner's guide to the online stock market guide Toxicomanes Do you know any "social network addicts"? Those people who feel better and better appreciated the more likes they get. Those likes work like dopamine on the brain. Facebook likes The famous Facebook hand. Inbox full Do you also sometimes get buried under thousands of e-mails in the office ? Hot dog stall Hungry? 1, 2, 3... and your meal is ordered from your sofa! Can we still live without e-commerce and home delivery? E-mail Tube Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Skynet and many others. It's like sending a letter, but much faster! Accept Cookies? Almost every page you visit asks you the question: "Do you accept cookies? But do you have to accept all of them or just the ones that are essential? SPAM Just click once on the wrong thing and your inbox is overflowing with junk mail. How about a box of Viagra? GIRLS You've probably heard of ads and spam in your inbox... Have you visited any of these sites recently? Online Casino These numbers refer to the online casino. Are you a slot machine or a poker player? surveillance cameras Do you sometimes feel like you're being spied on? You mention pregnancy and the next thing you know, a Clearblue advert appears on your device. Internet explorer A great classic. The browser par excellence. The ancestor who wishes you a happy new year in 2020... He couldn't help but be in a puzzle on the theme of the internet. Happy faces Life seems to be more beautiful on social networks and everyone seems to be having a good time! But what is really behind all these happy faces? Is it just a facade? Open 24/24 The Internet never rests and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Twitter bird Can you also hear the Twitter birds whistling? Dr. Google Do you ever go to the Google doctor? Admit it, you just have a cold but you already think you have a chronic illness, don't you? Influencers It's impossible to miss them. We are in the age of influencers and social networks are full of them. Do you also take part in their competitions? Emoticons Online is the way to show how you feel. Do you feel more :) or :/ today? Likes On all platforms, it is the hunt for likes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... And you, how important is it for you? MEMES The internet is full of memes about how not to wear a mask. Koen Geens, for example, has been making the rounds with his own technique for putting on a mask: article RTBF Insta like On Instagram, it's the way to show someone that you like their photo. Dinosaur Have you ever done a Google search when you don't have internet access? Then you've probably already seen this dinosaur. A game to keep you busy when you don't have wifi. WINDOWS Everyone knows this mythical logo, even if it is starting to fade a little. Windows, right? Charlie And so, have you seen Charlie? A bit like all those passive internet users who just watch and follow everything on the sly from home. Bitcoin Bitcoin is the most well-known cryptocurrency. But what exactly is a cryptocurrency? It is in fact simply digital currency. More info ici . On the wall Everything we post online today is done on a "wall". Facebook wall, Twitter wall, even LinkedIn wall. Isn't it a bit strange to stick everything on a wall? Flying advertisement Des pubs qui flottent sans cesse sur internet. Comme un avion tirant une énorme bannière dans le ciel, difficile de ne pas y prêter attention.
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The "tangible" internet puzzle

The Internet has dominated our lives for some time now. But what if the Internet were a physical location? This is the starting point of this puzzle created by the renowned Ghent artist Musketon.

Designer: Musketon

Born in 1989 in Limburg as Bert Dries. Ended up in Ghent because he started living together. Still loves Limburg, though. His Angrybear jumper has already been seen around the bodies and members of Sam De Bruyn, Tiany Kiriloff and Tom Boonen.

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    Bundel "Vier op een rij" (-25%)

    Musketon & Studio Chapo & Vizid & Studio Stoutpoep

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    Bundel "The Big Five" (-30%)

    Musketon & Studio Chapo & Vizid & Studio Stoutpoep & Meneer Heirman

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Layla S.

Super leuk!

Leuke puzzel, net zoals alle andere puzzels van Piab :-)

Betty C.
Belgium Belgium


Just fun and not at all the same as all the puzzels to buy

Bouckaert J.
Belgium Belgium

top puzzels heb ze alle zes

zalig tijdverdrijf

Sofia L.
Belgium Belgium

Internet puzzel

Alweer een leuke om te maken ! De opgegeven QR code werkte wel niet ...

Anja R.
Belgium Belgium

Leuke en kleurrijke puzzel.

Voordeel aan deze leuke en kleurrijke puzzels is dat ze snel klaar zijn en ik plak ze en hang ze aan de muur.