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A life-saving vaccine 2021 is the year of freedom, mainly thanks to a "divine" gift: the covid-vaccine! Have you already had your shot? The assault on the Capitol We begin 2021 with a mind-blowing image: the US Capitol has been stormed by Trump supporters. Read more: article Divorce of the year Two of the most famous people on the planet broke up this year... or got back together? We don't follow him 100% anymore:article Joe Biden at the White House Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. Amazon CEO resigns One of the richest men in the world has decided to step down as CEO of his company Amazon. We're talking about Jef Bezos, of course! In a letter to his employees, he admitted that Amazon "can do better": article Princess and Queen Also this year, the British royal family was discredited after statements made by its latest born, HRH Meghan Markle. The wife of HRH Prince Harry spoke out on Oprah, including about her mental wellbeing in Britain's most famous family. Mistake in the Suez Canal Remember the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal? It may have seemed like weeks, but in fact the Ever Given was only blocked for 6 days in March 2021. During those six days, the blocked ship cost the economy about $400 million per hour... We certainly don't want to calculate it! Impeachment, part 2 Even though it was clear that Donald Trump would be leaving the White House, he was once again removed from the office of president earlier this year. A week before his official departure, to be exact.article Reddit VS hedge funds In 2021, users of the Reddit platform rebelled against so-called "Hedge Funds". You can read more about it here. Viva l'italia! With a little delay, the Italians won this year's European Championship against England after a thrilling penalty shoot-out. Viva l'Italia! Una copa por favor ? Still in football this year: Argentina wins the Copa America against Brazil 1-0! Space tourism coming soon Richard Branson is one of the wealthy people trying to make space tourism possible. He was the first person to actually fly in space on 11 July 2021. article Being brave doesn't hurt The founder of Tesla and SpaceX has officially overtaken Jef Bezos and other rich people this year. Elon Musk is officially considered the richest man on the planet by Forbes: article Bond, James Bond 007 reappeared in his latest film, which was greeted with great applause by all. I'll be there for you... The highlight for the 90s kids among us: the reunion of Friends, the most watched sitcom of all time. Here are some of the show's iconic scenes. #freebritney #freebritney has become a trending topic on Twitter as Britney Spears has told her story as a victim of being put into care, leading to worldwide discontent with her situation. Berniegate Remember this one? The meme of losing 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on a folding chair in the bitter cold at Joe Biden's inauguration went viral across social media. Honestly? How would you be yourself? Eurovision controversy Italy won more than once in 2021: they also won the Eurovision Song Contest! But this was overshadowed by the many accusations against their singer: he was allegedly filmed in a somewhat questionable position... What do you think? Freedom! Above all, 2021 was the year of freedom. Thanks to the vaccines, everyone was able to go out again, to parties and restaurants. At last! Nature takes back what is hers Unfortunately, climate change was not far away this year either. Floods and other natural disasters followed in quick succession. Delta vaccinations Covid-19 has not decided to leave us in 2021, on the contrary: it has even managed to create children: the Delta variants. Fortunately, a solution has been found to return to a normal life: vaccination. Tokyo 2021: Bottled water edition The moment of the Olympic Games in 2021? Spilled water bottles: Morhad Amdouni spilled a whole row of water bottles during the marathon, only to take the last bottle himself. He is thirsty to run for his fellow athletes. Jeff Bezos - Blue Origin While some go to Rome, others go to Mars... We would also have liked to be able to make this choice, but we still sell too few puzzles for that. Like fire and water Have you ever seen water on fire? This year, thanks to a gas pipeline fire in the Gulf of Mexico, it was a real possibility. Freaky! article The BLM receives the Nobel Peace Prize In 2021, the Black lives Matter movement was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. The movement emerged after the death of George Floyd in 2020, but had already existed since 2013. Their work was awarded in January, because of their systematic changes in the fight against racism. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh On 9 April 2021, HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died. He thus officially becomes the longest serving Royal Consort, as husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Perseverance arrives at its crater on Mars Were you holding your breath on 18 February 2021? That's the date when Perseverance, NASA's new Mars robot, was due to land on the Red Planet. After a journey of 6 months and 20 days, the landing was successful, allowing for a worldwide launch! Ingenuity takes flight Perseverance is also somewhere on this puzzle, but on board Perseverance was a mini helicopter called Ingenuity. Thanks to this helicopter, the first powered flight to another planet took place in 2021. Supercool! The lake of fire This year, global warming has once again manifested itself in large-scale fires in the countries of the South. Greece, Turkey, but also California in the USA were in flames. Bennifer Jenifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are an almost mythical couple who made headlines in the early 2000s. Anyone who was a teenager at the time probably remembers the break-up. But, surprise, in May 2021, more than two decades after their first romance, the two got back together..... True love 20 seasons is enough Keeping up with the Kardashians is undoubtedly the world's most famous reality TV series. However, after 20 years, the family is throwing in the towel: on June 20, 2021, the very last episode is released. PIAB! Puzzles! We can't resist: our own growth deserves to be mentioned in our annual review. The PIAB started as a crazy idea during the covid-19 pendemie, but in the meantime there are 5 puzzles on the market. You can find them on this site, just scroll down and click on "puzzles" ;-) PIAB employee! Another big moment in 2021: PIAB was able to hire its first employee. Have you ever lost a puzzle piece, or chatted with the PIAB account on our social media? Then there's a good chance you've got Amber on the line. Ah, and I'm writing this text too... Hi, if you're reading this, send me a message on instagram with a purple heart in it..... Who knows what will happen ;-) Taliban One of the moments of 2021 that will be most remembered is the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and their visit to a theme park during their conquest. At PIAB, we always try to approach the most difficult moments of the year with humour, and this one is no different. article Covid is still here... Staying at home for months and walking around your house all day, thanks covid! Bezos vs Musk Elon Musk has mocked Jeff Bezos after dethroning him to become the world's richest person. It could all be followed live on Twitter! I want a PS5, mum! The latest Playstation, the PS5, was so popular at its inception that it was impossible to get. Our founder, Niels, made it happen. Fifa, anyone? Corona's cutest side effect You may not have noticed, but thanks to the Corona, dog (and cat) adoption has increased dramatically. Everyone was sitting at home, so why not? Only, in 2021, many of those same dogs ended up on the streets... Corona's least adorable side effect Well, it's true that we ate a lot because of the confinement... But that's to keep our spirits up! Oh baby, baby The baby (Spencer Elden) featured on the cover of Nirvana's iconic "Nevermind" album is accusing the band of "sexual exploitation" in a $150,000 lawsuit. Belmondo RIP to this French actor, who was often called the French James Dean. Jean-Paul Charles Belmondo often played police detectives in action thrillers. He died on 6 September 2021. F1: Verstappen vs Hamilton Max Verstappen has been blamed several times for an accident with Lewis Hamilton. The question is whether he regrets it or not. Lil Nas X in tar 3 outfits in 1, artistic masterpiece or protection against the September cold? Etna Mount Etna has grown in size as a result of its various eruptions this year and now measures 3,357 metres. Kim Kardashian does it in black You think you see a black ghost, but no, it's just Kim Kardashian. Rich in cryptocurrencies A new currency of the future or a digital lottery? Only time will tell what bitcoin can really do... The drain Following the Taliban attacks, many Afghans wanted to leave. To help them, a gigantic airlift is mobilising planes from all over the world.article You stink like a cat! Who remembers this beautiful song performed by Phoebe? Only Friends fans can understand... article
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The 2021 puzzle

2021 sometimes made us spin around in circles: waiting for freedom, for vaccines, but also making up for lost time. That's why we have this infinite stairs puzzle, with 50 references to the year 2021. Can you spot them all?


Designer: Vizid

Ghent native David Audenaert -also known as Vizid- is a master cartoonist. His passion for Horror Vacui has already been spotted in his own puzzle sheet "Vizidopia" and his drawing skills have been used for KAAGent, the city of Ghent and the cultural centre Lokeren.

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Belgium Belgium

Al puzzelend ontdekken.

Voor kerst gekregen en nu al helemaal gelegd. Super tof!

Netherlands Netherlands

Humoristisch terugkijken op een bizar jaar

Wat heb ik genoten bij het maken. Al puzzelend ontdek je steeds meer details die verwijzen naar gebeurtenissen van 2021. Ik kon niet meer stoppen, dus was de puzzel al snel af. Ook veel gelachen om de humor die erin zit. Graag volgend jaar weer zo eentje!!

Belgium Belgium

Puzzel is geleverd!

De puzzel is gisteren eindelijk geleverd zoals beloofd. Mijn vriendin is heel tevreden met haar kerstcadeau. What you see is what you get! In tegenstelling tot andere bedrijven kan je wel vertrouwen op de foto's van het product.

Belgium Belgium

Preorder geplaatst!

Een aantal van deze puzzels besteld in pre-order! Hoop dat ze net zo leuk zijn om te leggen als die van vorig jaar! Ik kijk er alvast naar uit!