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British classics The God of this hilarious film, performed by a troupe of surrealist British comedians, literally pulls the strings in this true science fiction puppet show. Gangster film in Miami We bet that a notorious mafia criminal would prefer to see a zeppelin with the words 'The World is Yours' go by. Galactic intervention with a space opera background in the air! May the force be with you always... Except for the old man whose house floats in the sky, attached to balloons. Fantasy and animation come together! This green one-eyed monster is looking for a coveted jewel that can make you invisible. A worldwide television phenomenon Be careful not to anger a certain Mother of Dragons... unless you like to be all fired up. Comic science fiction These 1996 Martians quickly revealed their true 'peaceful' intentions for our beloved planet... Monstrous Japanese Phenomenon A huge, prehistoric, destructive sea monster - awakened and made stronger by nuclear radiation - but afraid of water! Pathetic! A magical Christmas Tchou tchou ! Train accident reported! Trains to the "Wizarding World" and the "North Pole" are likely to be severely disrupted. Pirates and a ship First an iceberg and now a giant sea monster! This boat is almost as cursed as a certain black pearl... A superhero in the water and a castaway First this outcast's plane crashes, then he has to survive on a deserted island, and now a sailor man with a trident is going to take his ball away? A very sad life! A ship and a great white shark "If you jump, I'll jump" said this romantic passenger in the boat. A line that would please a certain famous great white shark. Hero of the ocean Vaiana's boat sank on a blue expanse as far as the eye can see. Apparently, this heroine will never know how far the ocean extends. Heroin of the sea... and of the earth? This stranded mermaid turned into a tasty fish meal rather than a human being. Alien life forms and signs of their arrival Would the director of this crop circle film also let an alien mow his lawn? Germans leading an offensive at Omaha Beach and a castaway This Indian teenager and his accompanying tiger have the misfortune to be caught up in a war with the Germans at Omaha Beach. Sponge for kids and company Never forget that this sponge and starfish are used as objects in houses on land... Quite traumatic, isn't it? Classic American musical and action-comedy series A girl, a scarecrow, an iron man and a cowardly lion are the victims of General Lee's reckless driving on this yellow brick road. V for *please complete* Does this person have a vendetta against public space? If not, why do they do so much graffiti? Methamphetamine and Plasticine Chickens Are these famous chickens protesting against the meat industry or the drug trade? Good times on the farm! This talking pig and his friend the duck are impressed by the spider-like climbing skills of another famous pig. Parisian reference and Spanish literary phenomenon But no, Don Quixote, it's the Moulin Rouge, not an evil giant! What a strange man! An animated fish and the eccentric characters of a famous actor A man with scissors for hands accidentally shreds a clown fish. A scene that will greatly amuse the mad hatter, the pirate captain, the bloody barber and the chocolate factory owner. Autonomous robots and a 1994 American buddy movie This robot obviously loves dogs, but we wonder if he adopted this van from a funny shelter or bought it from a silly breeder? An action classic and a green Christmas character Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! This high-flying policeman and this grumpy green hermit think so too! A story about toys Have you ever wondered what an uncensored adult version of your favourite toy film looks like? Ask no more, we have the answer. Evil horror and fashion The devil apparently dresses in Prada. So does this possessed little girl, but... Teddy bears on the wrong track This teddy bear who swears like a cartoonist has helped another bear fight his addiction to honey in a very controversial way... Dueling action heroes In our opinion, this cyborg killer accidentally confuses this other action hero with his real target. Same villain, different interpretations There have been many great interpretations of this iconic character, but only one was horribly wrong. You decide who is to blame. More chocolate! It seems that this famous runner (who likes to tell his life story sitting on a bench with a box of chocolates) will soon be able to visit a famous chocolate factory! Martial arts in the spotlight Kung fu vs karate. Bamboo eating bear vs man. Who wins? Spaghetti Western classic The bully and the gangster versus the excessive violence of this western. Horror icons share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs This evil clown and serial killer with gloves made of razor blades are versatile actors and can also share spaghetti with a romantic comedy background, like a famous dog couple. A superhero quartet of anthropomorphic turtle brothers These turtles love pizza... Could there be a link with the fact that they are all named after Italian artists? Melting pot of blue creatures When you combine the alien humanoid race from the highest-grossing film of all time with the famous little Belgian blue men, you get this... er... creature. Space opera and romantic Christmas comedy Can't romantic messages like those in one of the most famous romantic Christmas comedies of all time also be delivered by aliens with bad grammar? 80's classic and musical classic The most famous car of the future, but also of the past, has obviously not seen the man singing in the rain. Oops! Dogs, a wooden boy, a fancy breakfast and a British spy Who got who into the bad habit of smoking? The world's most famous spy, a wooden puppet, the owner of a hundred and one spotted dogs and a breakfast lover at Tiffany's form an unexpected group of friends. A fantasy world of New Zealand splendour and incomprehensible children's characters These characters with antennae have taken up residence in the most famous round houses. The grey magician laughs yellow. Iconic characters from children's literature This grumpy school principal tries to get this little redheaded girl (with superhuman strength) to fall in line by holding her by her long braids. BIRDS, BIRDS AND MORE BIRDS! Do you know all the famous birds in this tree? Hint: we can't mention half of them, because they belong to a well-known mouse... Native American girl power and chainsaw horror This talking willow - who, for some, plays the role of matriarch - is cut alive by a leather-faced serial killer. Puppets with a passion for comedy sketch shows Blowing up singing frogs with a straw up the backside? Can anyone help me? There's a lot wrong with this place! Native American girl power and plastic surgery action thriller The one and only Native American princess willingly trades her canoe for a speedboat in this 1997 classic. Green Icons Oops, the green superheroes and swamp dwellers apparently disappear in front of this green screen... The number 1 film according to a certain film database What's that hole doing behind that poster? Is someone trying to escape or what? This is not a prison, but a film set! Beastly mayhem It's a strange combination of circus animals, isn't it? A talking Great Dane, a prehistoric sloth, a pink panther and a huge Japanese animal... But what kind of animal is it? Cannibal killer Enjoy your meal! Just don't wonder too much about the type of meat you can buy at this doomed cannibal's stall (not pieces of silent lamb anyway). Famous movie outfits! Our role models: a galactic commander, a Kazakh journalist, a whip-wielding archaeology professor, a vengeful woman who has mastered the five-point, heart-exploding palm technique, a genius nerd, a milk-drinking psychopath, a male supermodel, a womanizing British spy, and a father who dreams of returning to his superhero glory days. Gla-gla! The world's most lovable snowman, who, by the way, is from the most popular frozen movie of all time, has obviously been out in the sun a bit too much. Ghost hunters and pyramid primates Secret relationships abound: even that giant gorilla and that marshmallow man found each other. A child-friendly alien and an apocalyptic war Our favourite alien isn't going home anytime soon, as he's been cut in half by a helicopter used in the Vietnam War A mystery-solving dog with his sidekicks and the most worn mask on Halloween This van is the main means of transport for a group of amateur investigators. The hunt is on to find out who is wearing this terrifying mask. From sunset to sunrise The opening hours of this bar are: from dusk until dawn A snapping super-villain and Mr Bean This hilarious British sitcom character (known for his "physical comedy") doesn't care about anyone, including this purple Titan. What a beautiful, huge and symmetrical hotel! Good parade! Even in Budapest. Black and white cinema The little girl in this famous World War II film is not black and white enough to be in the club of a British comic actor, a woman murdered in the shower and a cynical expatriate stuck in Morocco. Shame! LITTLE YELLOW BEINGS AND LITTLE NOT-YELLOW BEINGS are less annoying. It's a party for these little yellow guys and their blue counterparts from the competing production company. Fast and furious How many more films will this saga have? Cinephile materialism Let's hope that the famous man with the puffball will give a second life to these objects: lightsabers, a living candlestick, the lamp from a famous Christmas story, a television from which a little girl has emerged, a box whose contents an impetuous young inspector wants to know, and a garden gnome to which a certain Parisian woman is very attached. A dinosaur theme park and a patriotic American Even America's best superhero is no match for the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A prosperous rodent The richest mouse in the world goes into the movie business. An evil nun and a nun from the singing witness protection programme Here is a beautiful duo of godly women! One has a singing career and the other a rather murderous one.... Famous movie studio and royal safari The most famous introductory video is provided by a wise baboon, instead of the usual lion. Glorious rabbits Who wouldn't fall in love with this rabbit in police uniform? Who? Has anyone called the doctor? Physical horror and psychological horror Tricycles are well represented in these iconic horror films..... Are you ready to race? A robot and a killer whale for the whole family This famous cleaning robot tries to escape from its prison of rubbish by being inspired by a famous whale in captivity. Famous car chain collision! From left to right: the ghost hunters' car, the bat superhero's car, a smart Volkswagen Beetle and a discarded Mount Prospect police car. Classic comedy from 1998 This bowling star - who likes to give himself a Christian nickname - knocks over pins that bear an uncanny resemblance to a famous movie trophy...
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De Hollywood Gone Wrong puzzel

Wat gebeurt er eigenlijk allemaal in Hollywood eenmaal de lichten op de filmset uitgaan? Volgens de getalenteerde designer Studio Chapo (Simon Willems) is het antwoord op die vraag: PURE WAANZIN!!! 🀯 In deze derde PIAB-puzzel worden meer dan 100 films in een blender gegooid.


Designer: Studio Chapo

Waarom vrienden van Simon Willems hem soms aanspreken met β€œChapo”? Dat heeft niks te maken met de voormalige drugsbaron, maar met een hoeddragende hipsterfase die hij ondertussen heeft beΓ«indigd. Simon - Studio Chapo - is een meester in Graphic Storytelling en wij bij PIAB kunnen dat alleen maar beamen!